Adding Texture to Art “Eric Carle Style”!

Preschool and prekindergarten students are learning about Eric Carle and how he used different ways to paint and create texture.

Art teacher Ms. S helped the young students use different tools to add texture details to their painting. Recently, they added texture with cardboard tools that Ms. S made with paper towel rolls, egg cartons and a comb by cutting teeth into a square piece of cardboard with a box. This week, the kids added details to their artwork when they used straws, sporks, popsicle sticks and Qtips to add texture. How fun and creative!

The following are pictures of engaged students in Ms. Erika and Ms. Anna Jo’s prekindergarten class. Ms. S gives a BIG thank you to Early Education teacher Ms. Lilli for taking the pictures, and she appreciates all that Ms. Lilli does to help her!

Ms. S says, “Stay tuned to see our Eric Carle collage at the Fall performance!”