ACE “Live Museum” Provides History Lesson for Second Grade Students

History has come to life at  Tucson Country Day School!

ACE Teacher Mr. Kievit worked with his seventh grade ACE students to put on a “living museum” of history for our second grade students.

ACE students wrote a scroll and presented it to the second grade classes prior to the event, inviting them to come to their museum.

Click on the scroll to make it bigger. 
The scroll reads, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye Dear 2nd grade, You have been invited to a living museum at the ACE residence. Come to experience fun, history and a good time. Please attend Wednesday, November 15th, 12:45-1:45. Our guides will come get your class when it is time. See you there. Sincerely, ACE members”
ACE student Jes served as the hostess for the museum. She picked up one class at a time to escort them to the living museum.
Mr. Kievit let second grade teachers know what to expect at the live museum.
“Upon arrival your students will receive a brief intro from a tour guide (Robert) and then enter to check out our actors and slideshow.  After about ten minutes, second grade students will be asked to step outside and then be given directions on how to quickly return inside and vote for their favorite character!…”
ACE students took on the roles of famous people from the past. Second grade students went into the ACE classroom and got to push a button which then prompted the historic non-fiction characters to come to life and explain who they were and what they did.
Among the historical characters were King George III, Alexander Hamilton, Benedict Arnold and Henry Knox.
Wow – this was very impressive, seventh grade ACE students! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about these historical famous people and be leaders (and teachers) as you shared it so well with our second grade students!