Tucson Country Day School

Academics: Middle School

TCDS is known throughout Tucson as a consistently great school and it shows in our enrollment. We enjoy a waiting list for admission to most grades so please be sure to register your child or children as soon as possible. Weekly lotteries may be held to fill available spaces.

Class ratios
The Middle School at Tucson Country Day School serves students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. TCDS believes in individual attention, keeping class sizes much lower than those found in most school districts. We have a maximum of 26 students per classroom. The K-5 classrooms have a maximum of 22 students.

Teachers provide instruction in a focused and in-depth manner that requires them to be innovative and creative. Students participate in their instruction through individual work, groups, pairs, and hands-on activities. Teachers work as a team and collaborate with each other to incorporate areas of study into more than one class.

Students are registered in four CORE classes that include Math, Language Art, Science and Social Studies. Math for 8th graders includes pre-algebra and algebra, depending on your student's preparedness.

In addition to the CORE classes, students are enrolled in Specials classes which include Spanish, Technology, Physical Education, Art and Music for one or more quarters each year. Students are also offered electives such as Advanced Art, Multi Media, Art History, Yearbook, Sign Language and Musical Theater.

Students are given the opportunity to have a locker, if they choose to use one.

Attendance is a very important part of the learning process. The day begins and ends with a flag ceremony. Students must be in line at the morning flag raising ceremony to be counted as present and on-time for class. Leaving before flag lowering is considered an early release from school.

Perfect Attendance
At the end of every quarter, students receive recognition for perfect attendance. If a student has a tardy or early release, they are not eligible for Perfect Attendance (this includes a child that leaves early or arrives late due to an appointment).
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