A Theme Park…or Two or More…at TCDS?

A theme park…or two or more…at TCDS?

Middle school math teacher Ms. St. Louis has led an incredible math and engineering project with her eighth grade Algebra students for the last several years that involves the Heart Garden just inside the campus gates.

This year, the students decided on the theme of, well, theme parks in California. The kids measured and plotted out sections of the garden and worked in small groups to create miniature versions of theme parks.

The students created theme park signs first and then got to work on the interior portions. Ms. St. Louis says they’re not finished with the project yet as the eighth graders continue to add to the theme parks daily.

Wow…we are so impressed Ms. St. Louis and eighth grade Algebra students!

8th Grade Algebra students are still adding details to the “theme park” Heart Garden!
They have been planting, and they also designated a great location for the time capsule.
The time capsule will be placed on November 16 during the Academic Showcase from 5:30pm-7:30pm.