7 Habits “Come to Life” with Etiquette Practice

We’re incorporating etiquette classes into our fifth graders’ day!

Lunch Director Mrs. Stacey Love visits the fifth grade classrooms once a week to teach engaging etiquette classes. The kids enjoy the class – it’s meant to reiterate the value of manners which support the Leader in Me 7 Habits!

Mrs. Maddock writes, “They are having a great time!! Plus, we challenge them to utilize these manners all of the time! Holding doors for others, sitting up in our seats, appropriate conversations during lunch, as well as voice levels, showing off we are ladies and gentlemen. This is all aligned with Mr. Cooper’s vision, as well as 7 Habits…Thanks, [Ms. Stacey] for going the extra mile to work with our 5th graders!”

These ladies and gentleman were such fun! Watch out families… your student will be “setting” your table and making you cut your McDonald’s french fries using the Continental method!” says Ms. Stacey.