5th Grade Students Try Their Hands at Cartography

Fifth grade students are trying their hands at cartography in Social Studies class. All of the students are constructing a world map as they learn about the skills that it takes to be a cartographer, which is a map-maker. 

The action takes place in Mrs. Maddock’s and Ms. Annie’s class during Social Studies lessons. 

Once students have built the world maps, they will use them to learn about many more world-wide lessons.

The children will identify continents and oceans, study land formations of the continents and ask themselves if it looks like a jigsaw puzzle. This question will lead into more standards to be covered, including theories of pangea (“super continent”) and continental drift. 

Our “cartographers-in-training” aren’t finished yet. Next, the fifth graders will work to place landforms together as a super continent. 

Teachers will begin discussions with the students, allowing them to think critically as they ask questions such as, “How did the first man get to North America?” and “Who were these first people?”.

This will then lead into an entirely new lesson: the history of America begins.

Keep up the great work, fifth graders! 

pic 1

Students work together to create a world map.

pic 2

Working together as a team, these students are hard at work making their world map.

pic 3

Piecing the map together takes a lot of careful work and concentration.

pic 4

Students take a quick break while working on making a world map.