5th Grade Students Learn About Being Journalists

Calling all interested student reporters!

Fifth grade students in Mr. Fisher’s class were treated to a special presentation by Mrs. McKeown, who is our school’s Public Relations Director. Mrs. McKeown has a background in journalism, and she currently writes a column for the local newspaper. As part of her job at TCDS, she talks with students, staff and parents, takes pictures and then writes positive stories about events, students and staff here at our school. 

Mrs. McKeown recently wrote a story on the curriculum-based yoga that Mr. Fisher’s class participates in each morning. She sent it to Bear Essential News for Kids, who were very interested in the story idea and asked if any of our students would like to be Young Reporters for Bear Essential. 

Many students in Mr. Fisher’s class are interested, so Mrs. McKeown discussed with the students about her background in journalism, the schooling and experience it takes to become a journalist, tips for successful and detailed writing, as well as all about the Young Reporters program for Bear Essentials.

The Bear Essential is looking for non-fiction stories written by students. The class discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction stories.

The students had great questions, and some have already turned in the permission form and biography on themselves that is necessary for Bear Essential to have before students can become a Young Reporter. These students are well on their way to becoming Young Reporters for Bear Essential. 

tcds 057

Mrs. McKeown talked to the students about tips for writing great stories.


tcds 062

The students listened attentively to how to become a Young Reporter for Bear Essential News for Kids.


tcds 069

The students had many great questions about writing detailed stories.


tcds 070

Many students wanted to know all about about the Young Reporters program.

Are you interested in becoming a Young Reporter? 

The Bear Essential Young Reporters program is a great way to strengthen writing skills and help students to become more confident writers. It is open to all students in grades 3-8. Beginning second semester, second grade students with strong writing skills can become Young Reporters as well. Below is a link to the permission and biography form that any interested student can fill out – with parent permission – and send in to the address on the form to become a Young Reporter. Bear Essential allows any student with a completed form to become a Young Reporter. Students will even receive a Young Reporters kit which include a notebook, Bear stylebook and press pass.


Below is the link for the main Bear Essential News for Kids website. On the left-hand side of the page is a tab titled Young Reporters. Clicking on that tab gives many options to find out more details about this exciting and fun program, as well as a special Young Reporters Workshop that takes place Saturday, October 19 a KVOA (channel 4) studios.