4th Grade Students Bring Book Reports to Life

All of the students in fourth grade read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume to kick off the school year. Once they finished reading, students were able to choose from a variety of nine unique options to do a book report on the book.

This wasn’t your average book report in which a review or summary is written of what was read. Instead, students prepared book reports in the form of talk show interviews, characters acting out the story, commercials, homemade quilts, posters and even comic strips, to name some of the options given by the teachers.

We checked out Ms. Miranda’s class to see what her students chose for their book reports. With so many choices, students got to make their own decision for their book report based on what most interested and excited them. Students were able to complete their assignment based on their learning styles. They really got into it and produced great work. 

Ms. Miranda said she was “beyond impressed with their projects and end results. It was obvious they were attentive to the story and retained the plot and story line.”

Students recently presented their unique projects to their classmates. Here’s a look at some of the students’ book reports in Ms. Miranda’s class.

Way to go fourth grade students!


Taylor presented his handmade, detailed quilt.



Sareah made a creative movie poster.



Andres told the story from the perspective of the character Fudge.



Kyle also told the story, but from the character Dribble’s perspective.



Mason chose to tell the story from the perspective of the character Dribble.



Rory acted out a commercial about the book.



Jyotie made an intricate comic strip.